Underfloor Radiant Heating Install

Radiantec Solar Radiant Heating

Radiantec Solar Heating


Due to its energy efficiency and comfort, underfloor radiant heating, in general, is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Radiant heating is also becoming the method of choice for space heating because it enables low temperature operation, which is important for solar energy collection, and also because the solar energy can be stored efficiently within a radiant system.

An underfloor heating system from Radiantec Company is the most comfortable and efficient choice you can make, no matter what fuel you choose... but when you select solar as the energy source, you can really feel good about your energy decision.

Radiantec Solar Water and Radiant Floor Heating

Pre-Engineered Packagaes

Radiantec Packages are pre-engineered to result in systems that are reliable, long lasting and efficient. Most customers will begin with a good solar domestic hot water heater as a point of departure and then add popular features like underfloor radiant heating, snow melting, root zone heating for the garden and pool heating. The cost benefit is greatest when there are multiple uses for the solar energy.